Youth Congress leader arrested in Indore fake link to Remdesivir case

Days after a Congress leader was arrested in Faridabad for his alleged involvement in the black marketing of oxygen cylinders, another Congress leader was arrested in Indore for selling fake injections of Remdesivir, the antiviral drug key which is increasingly used to treat complications. arising from COVID-19. Indore police on Thursday arrested Congress leader Prashant Parashar, along with homeopathic doctor Sarvar Khan and two others, bringing the number of defendants arrested in the fake Remdesivir link case to 11.

Ironically, Parashar was elected Bhopal City Coordinator by the Madhya Pradesh Youth Congress for ignoring SOS alerts from the state following the resurgence of the coronavirus outbreak. According to police, Prashant Parashar was part of a nexus involved in the widespread distribution of fake Remdesivir injections in Madhya Pradesh.

Source: Twitter/@IYCMadhya

Authorities have so far seized 437 of the 700 fake Remdesivir injections that have been smuggled into Indore from Gujarat based on call records and other interrogations of defendants arrested in the case.

The case came to light about three weeks ago when authorities arrested two men – Dinesh Choudhary and Dheeraj Sajwani – and recovered two injections from them. During their interrogation, the police realized that there was a larger fake Remdesivir distribution network active in the state. He then arrested Praveen aka Siddharth Fulke and Aseem Bhale. Aseem admitted to purchasing and coordinating with a certain Sunil Mishra the injections. When the police checked Mishra’s location, they found that he was residing in Surat of Gujarat. Police later shared a tip with Gujarat Police about Mishra’s involvement in the black marketing of Remdesivir.

Acting on the whistleblower, Gujarat police in the coming days dismantled a fake factory manufacturing Remdesivir injections in the Morbi region and arrested Kaushal Bohra, Puneet Shah and subsequently Sunil Mishra in the matter.

Based on the interrogation and information received from the arrested defendant, the police discovered that Mishra had sent 100 injections to Congress leader Prashant Parashar, a Youth Congress leader who was preparing for the deputy exam. inspector and had completed his engineering from Bhopal. The accused Congress leader was found in Bhopal on Thursday and was arrested by authorities.

Speaking on the Congress leader’s arrest, SP Ashutosh Bagri said: “He admitted to selling and administering injections to his friends and family. However, he admitted to having received only 66 injections. We will verify this once we have obtained the dismissal of the defendant Sunil Mishra.

Mishra reportedly called Prashant to check on the health of the people who received the injections when he realized there was something wrong with them and threw the remaining 8 injections into a body of water.

Additionally, 500 of the 700 injections were reportedly sent to Jabalpur city hospital where they were administered to the patients. Police said the batch number of all the injections was identical, meaning they were manufactured at the same factory in Gujarat.

Congress leader arrested in Faridabad for black market oxygen cylinders

A few days ago, a Congress leader named Bijendra Mavi was arrested in Faridabad for his alleged involvement in the black market of oxygen cylinders. A case has been filed against the Congress leader under various sections including the Disaster Management Act after police found 50 oxygen cylinders in his house at Indra Complex Colony, Faridabad, Haryana. The police informed that the accused had hidden the oxygen cylinders in his car.

According to reports, Khedipul police were patrolling Tigaon Road, Faridabad when their informant informed them about the Congress leader’s involvement in black marketing of oxygen cylinders. Based on the information provided, the police conducted a raid. Narcotics Control Officer Sandeep Gahlan was also present.

When checking the congress leader’s vehicle, 42 empty and 8 full bottles were found. The police asked Mavi to produce the required license and permits for the oxygen cylinders. When the accused could not produce valid documents, the police arrested him and seized the 50 oxygen cylinders.