Youth Congress protests against ‘Agnipath’ scheme outside BJP office – Punekar News

Shivajinagar, 18th June 2022: A commotion was organized today by the West Maharashtra Youth Congress to protest against the ‘Agnipath’ scheme announced by the Union government for army recruitment and also against the action of the Law Enforcement Directorate (ED) against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Youth Congress activists shouted slogans and expressed their anger against the Modi government in front of the municipal office of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The agitation took place under the leadership of Maharashtra Youth Congress State Deputy Chairman Shivraj More, General Secretary Prathamesh Abnave and Youth Congress City Chairman Rahul Shirsath. Hundreds of activists including State Secretary General Snehal Doke, Aniket Navale, Jaideep Shinde, Akshay Jain, Secretary Aniket Argade, Satara District Chairman Amit Jadhav, Pune City Vice Chairman Saurabh Amarale, Akshay Mane, Dhanraj Mane were present on the occasion. Finally, Shivajinagar police arrested the protesting activists.

Shivraj More said, “The Modi government abuses investigative agencies including ED. He works to suppress the opposition. It is very dangerous for democracy. The “Agnipath” scheme is a scheme to push millions of children into the abyss of contract in order to join the army. We demand that this plan be abandoned.

First, Abanave protested against the Modi government and demanded that the “Agnipath” program be canceled in time as it would cause great loss to the youth and the country. Rahul Gandhi constantly raises his voice against the mismanagement of the Modi government.

BJP workers have also become aggressive due to the unrest outside their office. Youth Congress and BJP activists shouted slogans at each other. Supporters of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi chanted slogans at each other, which created tension in the region. Eventually, the police intervened and called on activists from both parties to remain calm. However, to cover up the activists, the police eventually arrested the Youth Congress activists.