Youth Congress to launch ‘Young India Ke Bol’ campaign: La Tribune India

Tribune press service

Jalandhar, September 22

To boost the campaign for the upcoming parliamentary elections, the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) will host “Young India Ke Bol-2021”, a speech competition to select spokespersons at district and state levels. Iftkhar Ahmed, national spokesperson for the Indian Youth Congress responsible for Punjab, said the IYC will hold a speech competition for the selection of spokespersons at the district and state levels of the state. Ahmed said that “Young India Ke Bol” is a golden opportunity for the state’s youth to connect with the ideology of the Indian National Congress (INC). The deadline to apply for the “Young India Ke Bol” is October 1st.

In the first phase, the details of the participants will be collected through the Google form. Subsequently, in the second phase, a speech competition will be held at the district level in the first week of October, five winners will be selected through the district level competition while 10 winners will be selected at the district level. of State. Five award winners will be named District Youth Congress spokespersons and 10 award winners will be named State Youth Congress spokespersons.

Ahmed added that five selected entrants from each state will participate in the nationwide competition in New Delhi on November 14. The winners of the competition at the national level would be named the national spokesperson for the IYC.

IYC Secretary Mukesh Kumar at a press conference said that the IYC has launched the program at the divisional level as well as in the state and that young people in the state are motivated to participate in the district level event and appeal to the youth of Punjab. participate in large numbers in this program and disseminate and strengthen the secular ideology of the Congress party throughout the state.