Youth Congress workers sell vegetables, observes Berozgar Diwas

Nasrullahganj / Ashta / Seoni Malwa (Madhya Pradesh): Youth Congress workers observed Berozgar Diwas in different parts of the state on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday on Friday.

In Nasrullahganj, party workers set up handcarts and sold vegetables to protest rising unemployment in the country on the occasion, party sources said.

The sale of vegetables was part of the national demonstration called Berozgar Diwas.

This was done on the instructions of Vice President of the Youth Congress Shriniwas and its State President Vikrant Bhuria.

The number of unemployed youth has increased in the country since Modi became prime minister, agitators said.

They said that most of the government organizations had been turned over to private parties.

Those who participated in the protest were President of the Youth Congress Rajkumar Yadav, Mandal President Santosh Sharma, former business leader Santosh Gaur, Surat Makwana and others were present at the protest.

6cr lost his job in seven years: AICC member

In Ashta, Harpal Thakur, a member of the All India Congress Committee, said the country’s youth are being forced to watch Berozgar Diwas.

In 2014, when Modi took over as prime minister, he promised he would create two crores of jobs for young people.

According to his promise, 14 million young people should have found a job, Thakur said.

On the flip side, nearly 16 million people lost their jobs during Modi’s seven-year rule, he added.

In Seoni Malwa, Youth Congress workers waved slogans and begged in the market.

Former president of the Vidhan Youth Congress Sabha Roshan Kabde said young people across the country were not getting jobs.

The central government led by Modi has not developed any policies to provide jobs for young people.

Vice President of the Youth Congress Dharmendra Solanki, Mukesh Patel and others attended the protest.

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Posted on: Friday September 17, 2021 11:46 PM IST