Youth Congress workers stage protest march to Kitex premises

Hundreds of Youth Congress activists marched on the premises of the Kitex Garments company on Thursday night to protest what the group called “goondaism” by Kitex management. “We will not allow any form of violence to be supported by the company workers,” said Shafi Parambil, state chairman of the Youth Congress.

He alleged that the management of the company was trying to give its own interpretation of the incidents on Christmas Eve, in which a police jeep was set on fire, another damaged and several police officers, trying to break up a fight between two groups of Kitex Garments workers were injured. Workers were arguing over what was reported to be disruption due to the singing of Christmas carols on Saturday evening.

The incident in which a group of workers tried to burn police officers alive was shocking and could not be tolerated, Mr Parambil said after the protest march. He said the Youth Congress was not against any industrial unit or enterprise in the state. But, management must ensure that law and order is maintained, he added. VP Sajeendran, former MPP for Kunnathunadu, was among those who participated in the march.

A group of human rights activists led by P. Chandrashekhar of the People’s Union for Civil Liberties and including lawyers PK Ibrahim and KV Bhadra Kumari, and Rajagopal Vakathanam, Suja Bharati and PG Hari will carry out a fact-finding mission at Kitex Garments on January 2. The team will visit the garment company and interact with company management, workers, local people and police personnel as part of the mission, a communication here said.