Youth council calls for revival of Igbo apprenticeship system

The Anambra State Chapter of the National Youth Council (NYC) has called for the revival of the Igbo apprenticeship system known as “Igba-boi” as a form of youth empowerment to reduce the rate of insecurity in the Southeast.

New York State President Samuel Egwuatu made the call during an interactive youth forum hosted by Justice Development and Peace Caritas (JDPC) and the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) in Awka yesterday.

Egwuatu described the ‘Igba-boi’ apprenticeship system as a process where young people are trained, mentored, empowered and challenged in the act of entrepreneurship by successful businessmen and women.

He said many highly successful businessmen and entrepreneurs in the Southeast region today have gone through such an apprenticeship system.

Egwuatu said the absence of such a youth empowerment program has contributed to the high rate of kidnappings, violent protests, killings, sectarian activities and other forms of insecurity in the region.

“It is very unfortunate that many of our young people no longer believe in hard work as they now resort to ‘get-rich-quick’ methods. They get bought off to go and commit crimes for money,” he said.

Earlier, Mr. Alphonsus Nwoye, the JDPC Onitsha/FCDO Project Manager, said the forum aimed to understand the challenges of the youth in the state and come up with sustainable solutions.