Youth Council formed by the City of Carrollton and Carrollton High School | News

The City of Carrollton and the Carrollton City Schools System are partnering in a new program to raise government awareness and develop the leaders of tomorrow.

The Carrollton City Youth Council is a program for students in grades 9-12 at Carrollton High School. In addition to helping to develop future leaders and educate the municipal administration, the city will seek input from CYC on municipal youth programming.

“We are so excited about the potential of the Youth Council,” Carrollton Mayor Betty Cason said. “These students will learn many valuable lessons and skills related to our government first-hand, and we look forward to gaining a fresh perspective on our city’s services, especially as they relate to youth.”

City Youth Council (CYC) students are nominated by the Principal and administration of Carrollton High, vetted by the City of Carrollton Deputy Principal, and sworn in by the Mayor and Council. Once a student is a member of the CYC, they may remain on the council for the remainder of their high school career, as long as they continue to meet all of the criteria.

Other member selection criteria include residency in the city of Carrollton, maintenance of an 85 GPA or higher, 95% or higher school attendance rate, and cannot have a Level II or higher discipline recommendation. .

The CYC will be sworn in at the Carrollton City Council meeting on January 3.

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“We are grateful to the city leadership for providing this opportunity for our students,” said Carrollton Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Albertus. “We hope these young men and women will learn more about their community and the role of municipal government, pursue their post-secondary and career plans, and return to Carrollton to become the next generation of leaders.”

CYC meetings will be held on the third Wednesday of each month. The group’s first orientation meeting was held Nov. 17 with Sgt. Meredith Browning of the Carrollton Police Department leads the program as a liaison with city staff.

“I believe these students have a unique perspective that can be leveraged by this council,” said CHS Director Ian Lyle. “I hope this experience will help them better appreciate the impact they can have on our community. Our youth can provide insight into the hopes, dreams and values ​​of young people today.

The students who make up the first city youth council are: twelfth graders Tobey Barden, Marisa Lope and Kiara Wilbanks; eleventh graders Lexi Walter, Will Jennings and Jaylen Marsh; tenth graders Clara Pullen, Ramsey Sullivan and Hudson Blackmon; and ninth graders Jacey Sabo, Kaydance McKenzie and Kush Patel.

All Carrollton City Council wards are represented on the CYC.