Youth Council Meeting Update – Thursday, April 28

Friday, April 29, 2022

Here’s a look at the results of Thursday afternoon’s Youth Council meeting:

  • The Council’s Director of Growth and Prosperity, Jacqueline O’Neill, presented the results of discussions from a Council-facilitated workshop with expert stakeholders in March 2022 regarding the development of a regional youth strategy of Tamworth. The strategy will reference the NSW Government Regional Youth Framework. The Youth Council has come up with ideas for engagement with young people in the Tamworth area and beyond, and a workshop involving the Tamworth Regional Youth Council and key stakeholders will be scheduled for further consultation as part of of the development of this strategy.
  • The Youth Council decided to participate in the LGBTQIA+ awareness training.
  • The Youth Council has successfully applied to the New South Wales Government for the regional youth radio programme. The project will see UNE-Life’s TUNE!FM station operate one day a week from the Youthie in Tamworth and will support up to 10 eligible young people aged 16-24 to complete the Screen and Media III Certificate via the community media. Organization of training while being supervised by the station manager of TUNE!FM. The Youth Council will elect five members who will actively work with Council staff to develop a work plan, coordinate the project, act as ambassadors and report to the rest of the Youth Council.