Zeb Jacobs Rangers youth academy explains role of coaching manager

RANGERS announced the appointment of Zeb Jacobs saying the coach would help develop players forming a Rangers identity.

The former Royal Antwerp talent coordinator and head of Belgian Academy development joined Rangers on January 1 as head of coaching within the academy.

Now Rangers B head coach David McCallum has revealed Jacobs’ main duties so far in his role as he explains the player’s journey to the Ibrox first team.

Discussing the process of developing players into senior pros ready to go, McCallum said: “We are the B team at the club and we have to try to make sure that we use as much of that information as the first does. team as we possibly can.

“You will have seen that the first team at different times has changed and changed in different games depending on the level of opposition, so we would do much the same.

“You’ll see some similarities, I hope, but it’s up to us to try to make sure that in the playing environment in this individual game that we’re trying and to make sure that we recognize where it’s best suited, where we can go and play the way we want to play.”

McCallum then revealed that Jacobs was primarily focused on the “young development phase and the foundation phase.”

He also confirmed that Jacobs is not currently working with the B team, but said he was working closely with the Belgian youth coach in the academy setup.

He explained: “As far as Zeb is concerned, he’s right on the doorstep.

“I work closely with Zeb, he currently does not work closely with the B team of this current team, most of his attention is on the youth development phase and the foundation phase, but works in working closely with him as an individual and I look forward to seeing that develop as his time progresses.”

Commenting on the announcement of the appointment last month, sporting director Ross Wilson said: “Since beginning my stewardship of our football operation, I have remained consistent in my desire to work with Craig to drive our academy and development forward. players.

“We have had to establish a clear Rangers coaching profile of how we will teach and educate our young players, and for this profile to be integrated into our football strategy. In addition, we have sought to align our identity as football on all our teams and the progress we have made in this regard has been excellent.

“I am glad that we have continued in our energies to continuously evolve all of this work and we will continue to do so in the future, always looking to see what we need to improve next.

“I have enjoyed all of my conversations and interactions with Zeb over the past few months and am delighted with what he will bring to Rangers. With Dave Vos joining our team last week, we have signed two leading experts in the talent development and that can only be good for what we are building here at Rangers.